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Service Descriptions

In Los Angeles, our courier service offers affordable options to our clients that allow their deliveries to be made on time. Other messenger services uses systems that require the customer choose the most effective option in order to receive customized service. We do not work like that. We do everything possible to provide discounted rates for totally customized service.

We are the best courier and messenger system in town. At Red Line Courier and Freight Service, we offer 24 hour delivery service throughout the Los Angeles area and the entire state of California. No matter what size of freight you have, we can make sure your delivery is on time and in excellent condition. We are committed to being the best in the business.

Red Line Courier and Freight Service have several services that are designed to meet your individual needs. You have several options to choose from. If you need something that isn’t on our list, call us at 866-427-4258 and we will see what we can do to help you.

All Delivery Options Include

  • Package tracking from start to finish
  • Satisfaction guaranteed delivery or your money will be refunded
  • Find a cheaper rate and we will beat it by 10%
  • Confirmation and proof of service on every delivery

Regular Messenger Service

If you have a deliver within an 11 mile radius, we can guarantee 3 to 4 hour turnaround courier service. We start our deliveries at 9 AM and run until 3 PM. After that time, a rush charge will be added. A regular delivery is one that does not require expedited service. This is extremely economical and we will guarantee that your item will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Rush Messenger Service

For deliveries within an 11 mile radius, we offer a 2 hour rush service that is extremely affordable. A rush delivery is needed if something must be delivered as soon as possible and includes same day delivery. These are priority deliveries that must be on time. Rush deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 2 to 4 hours of pick up. Price will be determined by the time of day and distance. Call us today to find out our affordable rates.

Non Stop Messenger Service

We offer a non stop messenger service when your item must delivered straight from your door to the destination. With this type of delivery, there are no stops and we go from where we pick up directly to the destination. The time of day, distance and nature of the product will determine how long the delivery will take. Direct, non stop messenger service is more expensive but when your item needs to be delivered immediately, we have you covered.

Shuttle Messenger Service

The shuttle messenger service is a 5 to 6 hour messenger service that delivers to business areas of Los Angeles that are densely populated with either businesses or residences.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Route and Stat Services

Our medical courier service drivers and company staff are trained to comply with both HIPAA and OSHA regulations. We know how to efficiently handle all types of medical specimens and samples. All of our trucks are equipped with refrigerated coolers that can handle various types of medical specimens. We also have the capability to haul frozen samples as well.

Court Filing Courier Service in Los Angeles & Southern California

Our Legal Courier Service has specially trained couriers who are experts when it comes to filing various court documents. We can file paperwork on all levels from local to Federal court. Our courier service can file paperwork in the following counties:

  • Riverside
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange
  • Ventura
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • All counties in Northern California

We know the court hours for Los Angeles and other Southern California courts. Red Line’s messengers and dispatchers are in constant communication with clients on all court related matters that involving filings and personal service.

Freight Services

As a leader in the courier business, we are here to help our clients find the solutions they need to their transportation issues. Los Angeles can pose unique issues when it comes to having items delivered in a timely manner. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help you figure out the problem and come up with a satisfactory solution. We offer affordable, safe transportation for all of your items.

Services Advantages

  1. Our Order Taking – To be hired by our company, an individual must prove they are able to offer friendly and polite service, 100% of the time. They must be fast, efficient and competent service.
  2. The couriers have to take a route test, to show how well acquainted they are with the area they will be covering. They must also be proficient when using a Thomas Guide Map for L.A. and the surrounding areas. Our carriers must be A+ rated of they want to work for us.
  3. We route our courier deliveries. – We take the time to route all of our deliveries. This makes sure we use the most efficient routes to save our clients both time and money.
  4. The technology our Courier Service is state of the art. With the high volume of business we do, we need technology to help us streamline all of our services.
  5. We offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed Messenger Service! – When you choose to use a new courier or messenger service, there can be some uncertainties as to how reputable they will be with YOUR products and freight. We offer each of our clients a satisfaction guarantee that our service will be impeccable or we will refund your money.
  6. Our service has been chosen after careful review by several of Southern California’s most trusted and respected businesses. They have continued to use Red Line Courier and Freight Service because of our level of dedication to our customers’ and their needs.
  7. We accept all major credit cards. – When hire us as your messenger and courier service, you can pay your invoices over the phone. Just call (866)-427-4258. We can also schedule your payments to be charged automatically through a credit card or bank account. Either way, you will receive a receipt in an email.

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