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California’s Premier Covid Test Courier

At Red Line Courier Service, our state certified covid couriers are delivering hundreds of Covid-19 test samples every day from, labs, clinics, doctors’ offices, school districts and production studios all across California. Our couriers are highly trained professionals, following all safety protocols when handling coronavirus samples, including keeping samples in a temperature controlled environment and wearing Personal Protective Equipment. Our covid sample delivery routes are running 24/7, call us right now to get included into one of our delivery routes as soon as today.

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We understand that the Covid-19 samples we carry mean a great deal of importance to countless people across the state. The transport of these coronavirus tests takes on a new level of urgency. As with any medical shipment, the client’s privacy is of the utmost importance. We provide you with 100 percent confidential, secured service that is both punctual and guaranteed with complete tracking along the way so you know exactly where your shipment is at.

Red Line Courier has been making deliveries for the medical community for years, from body parts (kidneys, hearts, livers, lungs, etc.), live tissue samples, fertility genetics, samples from lab tests and embryo samples. Our medical courier service has been making hundreds of stops each day, with over 100 of them being to hospitals throughout Southern California. This placed us in a unique position to provide the community with a much needed delivery infrastructure to meet the needs of new coronavirus testing demand. We are now helping hundreds of Californian’s every day work through the uncertainty of this new infectious disease by providing fast and efficient Covid sample delivery all across the state.

Your State Certified Covid-19 Sample and Vaccine Delivery Service

We understand the needs of the medical community when it comes to deliveries and the use of couriers. We have made a name for ourselves with local hospitals, laboratories and medical professionals by providing punctual, efficient and 100% confidential deliveries throughout Southern California for several years now. This is why we come highly recommended by well known laboratories in the area as their #1 choice for delivering Covid-19 test samples. We are certified by the state of California to safely handle coronavirus samples and we have delivered thousands of samples for the people of California so far this year.

Call Red Line Courier if you are looking for a courier service that can deliver your coronavirus test samples while following all safety protocols and maintaining a high level of punctuality. We have numerous coronavirus delivery routes running throughout the day to accommodate our large client base, call now to get added to one of our delivery routes.

Our services are available throughout all of California. We cover a large area and still remain committed to meeting each and every deadline. We serve as far north as Redding, as far South as Chula Vista, and every city in between.

Coronavirus Sample Delivery for:

  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors Offices
  • School Districts
  • Production Studios
  • More

Safety First

When it comes to coronavirus, safety is of the utmost importance. We follow a strict set of guidelines laid out by the CDC when picking up, transferring, and delivering Covid-19 tests for the community. Coronavirus test samples are stored in containers to keep them frozen and PPE is worn at all times. Each day our delivery vans undergo fog treatment to keep them sanitized and our drivers strictly follow all social distancing guidelines.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment for all Drivers
  • Temperature controlled storage of Covid-19 test samples
  • Daily Vehicle Sanitization
  • Social Distancing

Each of these safety measures is important in its own way. The staff at Redline makes every effort to ensure that each aspect of the service we provide meets or exceeds all safety guidelines that have been outlined by the Center for Disease Control. In the medical profession, second best is not good enough. Our drivers know that in some cases they may be responsible for saving the life of another person. Each and every shipment we carry is treated as if it is the most important package in the world. In a way it is, especially to the person who will be receiving a coronavirus test result on the other end!

24/7 Availability

The pandemic doesn’t sleep and neither does Red Line Courier. We understand there is no time to waste when it comes to helping the community get their coronavirus test results as fast as possible. Call us 24/7 to schedule your Covid-19 samples pickup and delivery, we are available to serve you at any hour!

Computerized Real Time Tracking

Red Line Courier uses digital tracking to make sure each package gets to where it is going, as well as into the hands of the person to which it belongs. GPS, digital bar codes and scanners help to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy. It also allows us to know where every package is from pick up to delivery.

Dependable Personnel

All of our coronavirus delivery drivers have undergone extensive safety training to comply with protocols in place for Covid-19 samples delivery. Our drivers wear uniforms so they are easily identified and they are employees of the company, not independent contractors at our facility. Red Line Courier offers employees ongoing training sessions to ensure they are up to date on the newest forms of technology and ethics. All of our employees are trained to provide personalized, professional care while maintaining a high level of respect.

Schedule Your Covid-19 Test Sample or Vaccine Delivery

If you have an important coronavirus test delivery that must be on time, call now or fill out our contact form below to schedule a pick up time. Our staff will take care of everything by setting up an account for you with manageable billing cycles. Our customized routes will make sure your Covid-19 tests are secured and delivered as quickly as possible.

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