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Red Line FAQ

How do you charge for messenger service?
Cost per mile, speed of service requested & total Weight —
Our rates depend on the mileage, the urgency and the time of day.

What areas do you service besides Los Angeles?
We service all of California. No. It’s true Redline Courier started in Los Angeles, but over the last 20 years we’ve expanded our services considerably. Redline now covers the entire state of California

Are your courier drivers uniformed?
Yes. We understand we’re representing you, and therefore all our messenger staff is well groomed and provide service wearing Redline Uniforms.

Do I need to call ahead of time to place a courier request?
No. We operate an on demand messenger service. All we ask is that you have your package ready when you call, because a messenger might be only a couple of minutes away.

Do you have Trucks or motorcycle courier? We currently do not operate motorcycle couriers due to safety related reasons,

Do you have any size limits on package delivery?
Our courier service can usually handle any size package at any time. Please call ahead to ask about vehicle availability.

Can you customize the billing by P.O. information?
Yes. We can arrange your invoice to show chronological messenger services by date, time, Reference, Department, on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly or monthly basis.

How do customers order a messenger service online?
Please go to then “Client Login” and enter your username & Password.

How often do you bill for messenger service?
With customizable billing we offer daily/ weekly / Bi-monthly / Every other week or monthly.

What happens after hours if I need a messenger service?
We always have a courier available to help you 24 hours per day.

Does your courier service offer any guarantees?
We want you to be 100% satisfied with our messenger and courier service, and if you’re not, for any reason, we offer a full refund.

Do you offer discounts if you have more than one package going out?
Yes. One of the most unique benefits of Redline Courier is that we route all deliveries that are going the same direction with the same messenger.

How does a messenger find so many different addresses?
Each courier has a Thomas Guide but primarily uses Waze which is the greatest GPS tool available on smart phones. Additionally, once a courier realizes the numbering system for Los Angeles addresses, it gets pretty easy.

If a client needs directions around Los Angeles, can you help?
Absolutely. In fact we offer great short cuts and feel free to call us anytime. It’s sometimes hard, but we pry any secret we can from our couriers.

What service type does Redline offer?
All services are depending on distance & time of day,
Exclusive Service – pickup & Deliver within 90min
Rush Service – Pickup & Deliver with 120min
Standard Service – Pickup & delivery within 4hours
Economy Service – Pickup & Delivery within 6hours

Do your drivers have to pass a route test regarding the Los Angeles area?
Yes. We have a sample route test that our messengers have to take. Additionally our prospective couriers have to also take a map test, proving they know how to look up all Los Angeles and Orange County addresses.

Can I pay my invoices with a credit card?
Yes. Simply call us at 866-4-A-PICKUP and we’ll process the payment for you. Or you can have a monthly payment scheduled for all your messenger services.

What happens if a package is damaged or lost?
Our liability is limited to $150.00 for any delivery that qualifies. Additionally, cargo insurance is available upon request.

What is your fastest delivery service?
For local courier shipments it is Exclusive Service

Can I track my shipment from my cell phone?
Yes. You can get up-to-the-minute status of your shipments anywhere, anytime. Simply go to mobile on any wireless enabled WAP phone, and you can get up to the minute status of your same day shipment and/or price quotes and estimated transit times.

How is mileage calculated between two points?
All address are GEO Coded via Google, after verification the computer than calculates a turn-by-turn direction from door step to door step.

Is my package insured?
Yes. Our Liability with regard to any package is limited to the sum of $150 unless a higher value is declared for the package at the time of tender, and a greater charge paid.

Can I be notified when my package is delivered?
Yes. Shipment Status Notification (SSN) is an extremely useful tool in time-crucial situations. This free service enables you to obtain a receipt (via text or email) seconds after your shipment has been completed. Each notification consists of pertinent information such as pickup and delivery times, signature, price, etc…

Can I request a shipping report?
Yes. Upon request, Redline can create time activated reports that send you monthly, weekly and even daily reviews. For more information, see Custom Reports.

How can I get a quote for my same day delivery?
Yes you can by going on to or by simply calling in 866-4-A-PICKUP.

Can I use my credit card to pay for my same day shipment?
Yes. You can use any major credit card as payment for your same day shipment. We can automatically debit your Visa, American Express or Master Card on either a per-shipment or per-invoice basis. For more information call 866-4-A-PICKUP

As a same day delivery service, do you provide any other service options beside same day delivery?
Yes we provide routed service, Air Freight, Next Flight Guarantee.

How can I track my same day shipments?
As a leading provider in the courier delivery service industry, Redline Courier provides a wide array of options and features to help you track and monitor the status of your same day courier delivery from start to finish. Click Courier Service to learn more.

What are your delivery service hours?
Redline Courier is a 24 hour delivery service. We offer solutions to your same day courier shipping needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Is there a waiting time charge?
Yes. Additional charges may be applied if the driver has to wait at either pickup or delivery, depending on what type of courier service you have requested. For more information call 866-4-A-PICKUP.

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