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El Dorado County Courier Service

Red Line Courier is the fastest and most trusted courier service in Northeast California. We offer high quality courier service, freight and messenger services to individuals and businesses in El Dorado County and the surrounding area. Fully understanding exactly how important each timely delivery is, we have built a sterling reputation in the area for on time deliveries and professional service over a number of years. No matter the job, we are available 24 hours a day and can accommodate almost any courier, freight or messenger service you might need.

In addition to regularly scheduled deliveries, we also provide these services in El Dorado County:

• Confidential deliveries for government contracts and large corporations

• Pick up and delivery of mail and packages

• Courier services for financial institutions

• Same day delivery, 24-hour, guaranteed deliveries

• The pick up and delivery of sensitive court documents both to and from attorneys

• Specially delivery services for all types of healthcare and medical courier needs, including lab reports, specimens, billing invoices, equipment, records and supplies of all kind

Have something else in mind? Let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your request.
Fully equipped to handle highly sensitive materials, we have a full selection of equipment and tools of the highest quality. We bring unmatched dedication and a commitment to excellent service to every job and are here to meet your needs whatever they may be.

Service Personalized For You
Every business and individual has very different needs and we fully understand that. Almost every little detail about our services can be customized to a client’s exact wants and needs. No detail is insignificant.
Our staff gets to know our clients personally to ensure they not only can tailor our service exactly to your specifications, but to also develop a relationship which will last for countless delivers. Eventually, we believe our customer service agents will know exactly what you want before you even request it.

We Are Fully Insured
Every single one of our local couriers, medical couriers, freight couriers and messengers are fully insured. We are committed to not only meeting our deadlines on time, every time, but also doing so safely and with a focus on fully protecting our customers. We want to reduce stress for our customers and we believe making sure we are ensured for every step of the delivery process is a key part of that.

Fastest in the Business
Our business is all about speed and meeting deadlines so we take pride in being the fastest in the business. We put a heavy, heavy emphasis on the swiftest of speed in every step of the delivery process and our number one goal is meeting every deadline right on time. To ensure this, we have developed the fastest routes in every area in El Dorado county and our experienced couriers and messengers know exactly how to utilize these routes for ideal delivery time – saving your time and money.

Efficient Customer Service with a Personal Touch
Along with speedy delivery, we are also dedicated to providing the smoothest delivery possible, making sure there are no issues every step of the way. Our skilled and experienced customer service agents are available 24 hours a day and have extensive experience handling almost any kind of request you could think of.

Our customer service agents will stay in touch throughout the delivery process and have the knowledge base needed to answer any questions that could arise and are committed to getting to know our customers and approaching our business with a personal touch not found at other companies. Our goal is to eventually have our customer service agents know you on a first name basis and develop a relationship that will last.
Cutting Edge Technology
We have long been fully invested in making sure we utilize the most advanced technology available. We use these next generation technology solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of our deliveries along with our communications with our agents and you. From top of the line computers, computers systems and software, transportation technology and communication technology, if it can improve our level of service and capabilities, we have it in our technological arsenal of tools.
Give Us A Call
We are ready and waiting to fulfill your next delivery request. No matter the circumstances of what you need for your next delivery in El Dorado County, we are fully equipped to make it happen with exceptional quality and speed.
Please give us a call at 866-427-4258 and one of our customer service agents can get your delivery going as soon as possible. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to serve you in El Dorado County and make sure your next delivery is perfect. So give us a call.

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