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Burbank, CA Courier Service

If you live in Burbank, California and need a package delivered using same day, direct service, Red Line Courier is here to help. Our courier service has couriers throughout Los Angeles, Burbank and southern California. We can deliver one package or a hundred. Our drivers are licensed, insured and bonded through the state to guarantee secure, accurate service.

We provide top of the line service to our Burbank clients. Every member of our team has been extensively trained to provide you with the highest quality results. We are experts in our field and are here to help you when you need professional and competent delivery personnel. Red Line Courier employees are here to help.

We will deliver anywhere in Southern California. Whether it is same day delivery, courier, cargo or directmessenger services we can fulfill your needs. Our drivers are strategically placed throughout the city and state. They are available to deliver your packages any time, any place. We combine dedication, professionalism and excellent customer service to all of our clients. We guarantee your package will be delivered on time and in good condition.

When you call our office, we will work with you to find the perfect delivery solution to help you keep your deadlines. Whether you need standard economy, regular or express service. Our drivers are competent and highly skilled at what they do. We can guarantee same day, by the end of day, overnight or 2 to 3 day delivery. The choice is yours.

Burbank courier services are extremely fast and our drivers always go the extra mile to make sure all of your specifications are followed. You can ship large packages or documents with the same expert service. We offer several specialty services to accommodate various industries. For example, if you are a medical professional and need to have a package shipped, we have OSHA and HIPPA certified drivers that can handle your package from pick up to delivery.

We offer 100% guaranteed confidentiality and professional service in the Los Angeles area. The professionals at Red Line Courier are ready to work with you to set up an account and give you an itemized quote for your specific delivery. We guarantee delivery to be on time with your delivery and offer a confirmation signature to back up the delivery time.


With express service, packages are picked up within 20 minutes of you placing the order. Once the package has been picked up it is immediately delivered to wherever it needs to go throughout Southern California. You let us know your deadline and we will let you know when we meet it. If an emergency arises and we can’t make the deadline, you will be notified as soon as possible.


Regular deliveries are made within 3 to 5 hours of being picked up, depending on how far away it is from the pick up point. We offer this service throughout the day up until 3 PM.

Standard Economy

If you want same day service, the package must be picked up prior to 10:30 AM. We will pick up the package within an hour of the order being placed and delivered anywhere in the Southern California area before 6 PM.

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