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Placer County Courier & Messenger Service

Red Line Courier Services offers the fastest and most-reliable freight, messenger, courier and delivery services in Placer County, California. If you are looking for any kind of courier service in Placer County, Red Line is the go-to courier service to get in touch with.

Well-known in the area for our ability to handle highly-sensitive materials and valuable goods, we offer a wide range of premium services in Placer County and have worked there for years. Knowing that the area regularly requires courier service to and from local airports, we offer round trip services to and from all local airports including Sacramento International Airport.

In addition to regularly scheduled deliveries, we also provide these services in Placer County:

  • Confidential deliveries for government contracts and large corporations
  • Pick up and delivery of mail and packages
  • Courier services for financial institutions
  • Same day delivery, 24-hour, guaranteed deliveries
  • The legal courier service of sensitive court documents both to and from attorneys
  • Special delivery services for all types of healthcare and medical courier needs, including lab reports, specimens, billing invoices, equipment, records and supplies of all kind

Let us know if there is any other kind of courier or delivery service you are thinking of and we will do our best to see if we can make it happen.

Why Choose Red Line Courier Service In Placer County?

Because we are Placer County’s most-reliable, most-efficient, and most-trusted courier service. We have built up an excellent reputation in the area in our years serving it and have put together a full package of premium services, skills, and calling cards.

What exactly are some of those calling cards?

We Offer Customizable Service

We want to make sure our customers can have their service, their way, so we allow them to customize every aspect of their service. We know that every delivery and courier task is completely different and every customer has very different needs, so we like to allow our customers the freedom to customize theirs. Just let us know what you would like and we can make it happen.

We Are The Fastest In The Business

We know speed is the name of the game in our industry so we use only experienced couriers who know the best routes around Placer County who have track records of on-time deliveries. We are fully committed to always being as fast and as efficient as we can be and put speed above all us. We aim to be on time, every time.

We Are Always Insured

When you choose Red Line Courier Service, you can rest assured that all of your valuable and highly-sensitive goods and materials are always fully-insured with our insurance. We value your goods just as much as you do, so we always invest in the best insurance available. Also, we take the burdensome task of buying insurance off of your hands, saving you time and money.

We Have Excellent Customer Service, 24 Hours Per-Day

Our customer service agents are available 24 hours per-day to serve you and answer any questions you might have. Also, we train our customer service agents to be experts in our industry and services, so they can answer all of your questions. We take pride in having some of the best customer service agents in the business.

We Use The Best Equipment And Technology

We are fully committed and invested in using only the best equipment and technology available. We believe this commitment sets us apart from competitors and allows us to do our job in the best way possible.

We Serve The Local Airports

All of our couriers have extensive experience commuting between Placer County and Sacramento International Airport and know all the best routes to and from those airports. We also serve the smaller, regional airports in Placer County including Lincoln Regional Airport, Auburn Airport, and Truckee-Tahoe Airport.

We Serve Placer County

We have an office right in the heart of Placer County to ensure we serve the area as well as we can. All of our couriers know the area very well and know the best routes all around the county. Our couriers regularly share inside tips and tricks with each other when it comes to driving in the Placer County.

Located in northeast California, Placer County lies northeast of Sacramento, between the Sacramento metro area and the Reno-Tahoe, Nevada area. The county has a population of more than 300,000 and sees a large amount of traffic from commuters going between the Sacramento and California Bay Areas and the Reno-Tahoe area. The county was founded on gold mining, but now has expanded to many other industries spread across the major cities in the area which include county seat Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and Colfax.

Contact Us Now

Our customer service agents are standing by 24 hours per-day and ready to take on your next courier need in Placer County. We are looking forward to showing you our full package of elite courier services.

Please give our wonderful courier service a call at 866-427-4258 when you are ready to get your next courier service started. We at Red Line can’t wait to hear from you.

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