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Red Line Courier and Freight Service offer expedited, accurate and punctual courier and messenger services to businesses as well as residents of the Southern California/Los Angeles area. Over the years, our services as well as our reputable staff have made us into one of the most successful and well respected messenger and courier services in the state.

We offer several different service options to ensure your service is personal and customized to your individual needs. We can accommodate urgent deliveries whether they are long distance or just around the corner.

All of our services are designed to meet your exact needs. Our deliveries are handled professionally and efficiently. Red Line Courier and Freight Service agents are located citywide and know their designated areas well. We have state of the art processing systems that expedites your delivery with both accuracy and efficiency.

At Red Line, we are highly respected and well established with the domestic freight industry. Our freight services are customized to meet the individual needs of each customer. All of our customer service agents are friendly, fast and efficient and work consistently to meet deadlines.

We offer several different services:

  • Attorney Services
  • Computer Dispatches
  • Computerized Tracking
  • Court Filing, including Real Estate
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Escrow and Title Companies
  • Freight Delivery from 1 to 10,000 pounds
  • Messenger Service
  • Package Tracking
  • Shipping
  • Signature Tracking
  • State, Corporate and LLC Filings

*We have trucks available to accommodate loads up to 10,000 pounds.
State, Corporate & LLC Filings

Rush service is now available for LLC filings for Corporate, State and Government offices. We can also accommodate all types of Secretary of the State document filings as well as certified copies.

Local Courier Service

Our goal as professional courier is to offer exceptional service on all levels. Whether it is nationwide or next door we have trained representatives who are able to help you find out which options best suits your need. This ensures your delivery will be made on time and in perfect condition.

Long Distance Freight

Red Line Courier and Freight Service have a working relationship with agents and drivers located all over the country. By doing this we are able to provide our customers with the most accurate and cost efficient freight transportation available. We can deliver freight from anywhere to anywhere with in the US without having to worry about restrictions on the weight or size of the item.

Same Day Courier Service

Our same day courier messenger services ensure that your freight, envelopes, packages or documents will arrive on time no matter where in they are sent in San Diego, Los Angeles or Sacramento Counties. At Red Line Courier and Freight Service we understand how important same day service can be. Deliveries that are of a medical or legal nature can be extremely time sensitive and very delicate. We take great pride in being able to offer these services to our clients in Los Angeles and Southern California. Our drivers are diligent in their duties and make sure each delivery is accurate and on time.

Medical Delivery Specialist

At Red Line Courier and Freight Service, we will meet all of your delivery needs with fast, efficient and professional service. We have a working relationship with hospitals throughout the state of California, including an extensive database that includes over 400 hospitals and clinics. We specialize in all types of medical deliveries. This includes life saving organ transplants to recurring medication orders for patients. We are the largest courier service in California that specializes in medical deliveries. We are responsible for over 80% of the deliveries associated with spinal and orthopedic surgeries. Patients who have had any type of joint replacement surgery within the last 5 years, a Red Line driver may have likely delivered the product.

Court Filings Delivery

Red Line is a legal courier service specializing in court filings for all government agencies, including Federal, State and local government agencies throughout the state of California. Court documents have critical deadlines that must be kept. We work within these guidelines to make sure each document is delivered on time and within the Court’s hours of operation. As soon as the delivery is made, we always forward the confirmation signature to your PDA or email.

Escrow & Title Service

Our company has several accounts with escrow and title agencies all over the state of California. Staff members of Red Line Courier and Freight Service have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to working with various departments of corporations. We can meet all of your escrow and title needs in a professional and efficient manner. We serve metro areas throughout the state of California.

Freight Service

We can handle any type of freight shipment. Our company offers several services under one roof. We have vehicles that range from small cargo vans to large box trucks that are 24′ in length. No matter what you have to ship, we can get it to its destination. We are capable of hauling loads from 1 to 28,000 pounds.

Air Shipments

If you miss a Fed-Ex shipping time or your load is restricted due to size or weight, we can help you. If you have an established account with Red Line, we can offer many more services, including expedited long distance, air shipments. We can secure a door to door delivery or airport to airport depending on your needs.

Computerized Tracking

With an established account, we can track all online shipments and provide a delivery signature confirmation that we can forward directly to you through an email or as a text to your cell phone. If you have a busy schedule, this feature will work well for you.

Online Order Entry

With our online order entry system, we have the ability to place your order in an accurate and efficient manner. Our online system is easy to use and allows you to do several things at one location. You can place an order, track a package, check and verify the cost and manage your account on a daily and monthly basis. This system offers many benefits, all of which are free of charge. If you have any questions, all you have to do is talk with one of our representatives.

Computer Dispatched

Our software is state of the art. With our upgraded system, Red Line professionals schedule timely, efficient pick ups and deliveries from anywhere in the state of California. Our unique delivery management system allows us to streamline our service offering you the best pricing and billing structure that will meet your specific requirements.

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