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Plumas County Courier Service & Messenger Service

If you are looking for a cheap courier service that is both reliable and reputable Redline is the company for you. We offer same day and 24 hour deliver options. When you have a package that needs to be delivers on time, we are the courier service with the best reputation. In Plumas County, we are well known and well respected for our ability to offer fast, professional service.

Why Redline?

We offer a full line of courier services to our customers. Airport pick ups and deliveries, legal courier services, medical deliveries, messenger services and expedited deliveries are our specialties. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with exceptional customer service. We use state of the art equipment that allows to map the fastest, safest routes for each delivery. Our customers have the option of receiving email or text notifications when their package has been delivered. We do whatever it takes to ensure our customers needs are met on time, every time.

At Redline, we offer standard deliveries, as well as regular and express deliveries. Whether you need it in 24 hours, overnight or immediately, we have a delivery option designed to suit your needs. We offer you the option to track your package and will provide confirmation on delivery. In the event that a delay occurs, we will notify you of that as well. Delays are rare, but they do happen. We know how important your delivery is, and with that in mind, we make sure we have back up plans in place to keep your package moving.

We Deliver Anything

We have trucks of all sizes and types to ensure your package is transported in a manner that will keep it protected and secure. From flatbed semis to fully enclosed vehicles with refrigeration capabilities, we have the vehicle to make the delivery. Our drivers receive special training and understand the importance of confidentiality as well as security. As one of the leading courier services in the business, we are second to none when it comes to delivering sensitive documents, medical specimens or highly confidential legal briefs.

Fast and Efficient

Our entire process is computer operated. At Redline courier we map our routes on a daily, as well as individual basis. We offer regularly scheduled pick ups and deliveries and map our routes so they are as efficient as possible. Our courier service works with the local airports such as Quincy Gansner Field, Gansner Airport, Chester Rogers Field, and Beckwouth Nervino Airport to ensure the fastest delivery possible. We know that time is of the essence so we take extra precautions and take into account all possible obstacles to ensure that we can make our delivery guarantee. The sooner you call us and we get the process started, the faster we can complete the job and make sure your delivery goes smoothly.

Professional, Courteous Service

Every person on our team is highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to our business. As one of the most well known courier services in the state, Redline Courier takes pride in our customer service staff. Every caller is greeted by a staff member who knows that when a deadline needs to be met things can be frustrating and confusing. We have the ability to eliminate both the confusion and the frustration. We are professionals, from the beginning of the process to the point of delivery. Even in the heat of the moment, we will offer courteous and highly professional service that will alleviate your worries and allow you to relax.

Licensed and Insured

Our drivers are fully licensed and insured. They are also trained to handle specific types of packages to ensure they arrive at their destination in the same condition we received them. Other courier companies may not train their drivers in the proper handling of certain types of materials, but we do. At Redline, our drivers are continually being evaluated on their knowledge of proper handling techniques and are capable of delivering almost any type of package, at any time. Our drivers are highly trained and have all of the certifications needed to carry almost any type of package imaginable.

At Redline Courier Service, it is our goal to make sure your package, no matter the size, is delivered according to your needs. Call our office today at 866-427-4258 to discuss our rates and the benefits we offer to our customers. We will go over all of our different delivery options and help you decide which one best suits your needs. If you have deadlines, it is our goal to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. We understand that many packages require special care. We are capable of going above and beyond in that area as well. Our professional staff will take all of your information, determine what we need to get your package where it needs to be and then assign the driver with the exact qualifications needed, and get your package on its way. At Redline Courier Services, we are second to none when it comes to professionalism and courteous service.

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