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Pasadena, CA Courier Service.

Welcome to Red Line Courier and Freight Service in Pasadena, CA!

We consider our clients to be the most important part of our business. It is our responsibility to make sure their needs are met at all times.

In Pasadena, call us today for immediate messenger or courier service at 1-866-427-4258.

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Pasadena Courier Services, Process Servers, Messenger Services, Court Services and Freight Services

We offer a wide variety of same day, freight, courier and messenger services to choose from includingLegal Courier Service and Medical Courier Service We have affordable rates that meet or beat those of our competitors. Our agents can help make your decision easier by going over all of your options as well as our money back guarantee.

Exclusive Pasadena Courier Service

We offer direct courier service that results in immediate delivery. In most cases, it takes approximately one hour to make your deadline with our fast and efficient service.

Rush Pasadena Courier Delivery Service

When you need a fast delivery, but urgency is not needed, our rush service is the next step. Your delivery will still be a high priority, but the service deadline is extended out to approximately two hours.

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Regular Pasadena Courier Delivery Service

Regular deliveries are the most economical option Red Line offers. The deadline on these orders is usually between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the distance. To be eligible for this service, the order must be ready for pick up by 12:00 PM. Although it is lower priority, we still consider it just as important as every other package we carry.

Daily Route Pasadena Courier Delivery Service

Daily scheduled pickups are routed for maximum efficiency. Individuals who choose this type of service often get a discounted rate. When you call our office to find out about how the service can help save you money.

What Can Be Delivered by Red Line Courier throughout Pasadena and Southern California?

We can deliver almost anything including:

  • Legal documents
  • X-rays
  • Airline tickets
  • Medical supplies
  • Photographs
  • Loan documents
  • Court filings
  • Contracts
  • Construction supplies
  • Bids
  • Electronics
  • Blueprints

Cars, Trucks & Vans

We have the flexibility to help you get things done quickly and efficiently. We can take care of things with just one phone call.

Every day is different when you are in business. The deadline for one delivery may be much different than the next. If something needs to be expedited or you are required to file court papers in Los Angeles, you will need to hire a messenger service that will allow you to meet your deadlines. Whether you have one envelope or 10 pallets, we can help you find the best delivery solution for your situation.

When you hire Red Line Courier, we become a part of your network. How well we do our job reflects directly on you. While we are first and foremost a delivery company, we offer much more in the way of personal service than many people realize.

Service Areas

In Pasadena California, our couriers, freight and messenger services can make a delivery anywhere in the state of California. No matter where you are, we can help you meet your deadlines.

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