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Van Nuys, CA Courier Service

Red Line Courier and Freight Service provide full service delivery options to each and every one of their clients. Whether it be courier, ground transportation, messenger and freight services, we offer it.

In Van Nuys, Red Line provides fast, professional and affordable courier services. Our outstanding reputation keeps companies coming back again and again. We keep our word and deliver your packages on time and in perfect condition. Our service is above reproach and testimonials on our web page prove it.

When you call our Los Angeles or Van Nuys office, you will receive personalized service that allows you to create a schedule and billing cycle that meets your needs. We use the latest technology to help route and track each package. That same technology also helps us to create effective billing cycles that will allow us to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget.

At Red Line, our staff is always available to help you find a delivery solution. With Red Line Courier and Freight Service, your satisfaction is our priority, that is why we offer our 100% guarantee.

Why Choose Red Line Courier?

It’s a competitive world and there are many courier companies to choose from. We have to meet or exceed the standards that have been set by our competition. Red Line offers the following reasons why their service is the best:

  • The customer service reps, dispatchers and drivers at Red Line Courier and Freight Service are held in high regard by the clients who constantly return to the company for all of their delivery needs. Our personalized, professional service is what makes us stand out in a crowd.

Talk to us and see what we can offer you in terms of competitive rates and fast, efficient service.

Courier, Messenger and Freight Service in Van Nuys, CA

In most cases, packages are picked up shortly after you place your order, normally around 20 minutes. As soon as the package is picked up, it will be set for delivery according to your specifications. WE guarantee our delivery times, but if for some reason we cannot meet the deadline, we will let you know immediately. We can get your package where it needs to be, when you need it to be there.


When you don’t need expedited service we can offer you regular packages that ensures your item will be delivers approximately 3 to 5 hours after pick up, depending on how far away it is. This service is extremely economical as long as the order is ready to go before 3 PM.


To be eligible for standard service, a package must be picked up prior to 10:30 AM. When an order is placed, it takes approximately an hour to pick up. In Southern California, we can ensure delivery by 6 PM.

After-Hours (24/7) Nights, Weekends, National Holidays

At Red Line Courier we work around the clock to ensure prompt delivery of your packages. We have an after hours service that is in operation 24 hours a day, same day deliveries every day of the week. Our emergency service is available when you need a package delivered fast after regular business hours are over.

Medical Delivery – Serving Hospitals, Clinical Laboratories, Doctor’s Offices

We offer expedited service for all medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, blood products and specimens.

We employ drivers who are certified in both OSHA and HIPAA regulations.

Scheduled Route Services

Our route services are created to help customers who have daily deliveries on a regular basis. In Van Nuys, our customers who have recurring deliveries are offered affordable rates and professional service every step of the way. We can put you on a regular pick up schedule that you can set according to your needs.

Our goal at Red Line Courier is to offer the best service possible at affordable prices. We can customize our routes to accommodate our customers’ needs and still maintain our deadlines. We use state of the art technology to create efficient routes and affordable rates. We work with each of our clients to determine a billing and payment schedule that fits their budget. We also use this technology to track and monitor each package from pick up to delivery. This can save both our company and the company we work for time and money.

Our routes are flexible and can be altered at a moment’s notice if we need to schedule an unexpected pick up. It also allows us to take into consideration road conditions, changes in weather and the number of packages we are handling at the time. We work extremely hard to maintain our A+ efficiency rating.
We have drivers in service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you would like more information on the services we provide and out availability, call our office today at 866-427-4258. We would love to b able to answer your questions and help you create an account.

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