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Studio City, CA Courier Service

Thank you for looking into our services At Red Line Courier and Freight Service our clients are our priority! In Studio City we have on staff only the most experienced, professional and courteous couriers on hand to serve your needs. Our team members know how to answer your questions and help you resolve all of your shipping and receiving issues.

We have a variety of delivery options including legal, medical, scheduled, out of town and rush, also known as on demand.

You have our promise that your deliveries will be safe and secure while in our possession.

We have been taking care of Studio City’s delivery needs for years. Let us take care of your deliveries!

Studio City Courier Services

We offer on demand, same day deliveries any time of day. Our customer service reps know how to respond to each call. They imply a sense of urgency with every call they receive.

Studio City Court Services

It is our goal to constantly and consistently provide professional, fast and efficient. With any legal delivery, time is of the essence. Court filings must follow strict guidelines. We have on our team, legal professionals who are capable of filing court papers as well as performing process of service. We can also research court documents so that you can continue to work on your case. We know how time-sensitive court issues can be and we are here to help.

Studio City Route Services

Our unique freight service can accommodate your business’s delivery needs whether they are sporadic or an everyday occurrence. We can schedule deliveries on either same day or next day time frames. Our delivery options are affordable and based upon the time frame you choose.

Studio City Freight Services

At Red Line Courier, we have vehicles that can accommodate any size job. Whether it is paperwork or large pieces of freight, we have the means to get it to wherever it needs to be. We have cargo vans, large flatbed trucks, trailers and cars that are suited to any item you need to ship in Studio City or the surrounding area.

Red Line Courier has a full line of services to meet everyone’s needs. We can ship envelopes to large boxes on pallets. We specialize in delivering your items according to your specifications and in the amount of time you choose.

Call our offices today to find out what delivery options we have that may suit your needs. You can reach us at 866-427-4258.


Our Rush or On Demand deliveries are not always needed but when they are, we can accommodate you. If you need immediate service, you just need to call our office and specify a time frame. Time frames range from 45 minutes to 4 hours.


Depending on the type of business you have, you may needed to schedule regular deliveries. They can be daily, twice a week, once a week or any other regular times. This is a service we offer to hospitals, pharmacies, auto part stores and various other companies who have repeat business. When you call our office, we will determine what type of schedule best suits your needs and then determine what type of billing options will fit within your budget. We have software programs that will help us determine the most efficient, cost effective way for you to manage your deliveries.

Out of Town

There are times when you will have to deliver to an out of town address. This means that we can accommodate you even if the address you are sending the package to is in northern California. It isn’t a problem. We can handle any size package at any distance. Once you call us, we can help you figure out the best way to ship your item.


At Red Line Courier, we understand the importance of being adequately prepared when it comes to providing services for healthcare professionals and medical facilities. We are capable of shipping everything from pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, laboratories specimens and test results, just to name a few. Many times these types of items are sent on scheduled pick up times. In case of emergency, medical items can be picked up on demand.


At Red Line Courier, we have a team of legal professionals who are dedicated to serving our clients in the legal field. We can skip trace individuals, file court papers or serve legal paperwork to individuals across the state. We are here to make sure all of your legal issues have solutions.

Dedicated Drivers

At Red Line Courier we have a full team of drivers who have been trained to handle every type of freight, large or small. People who want to drive for us must pass rigorous tests when it comes to driving and navigation. They must prove to us that they are capable of consistently offering professional, courteous service while staying on task and meeting deadlines.

Red Line Courier Locations


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Fax: 818-898-1814


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Call: 661-254-4400


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