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Riverside Courier & Messenger Service

When you need a courier service and you have a deadline to meet, you want a professional, but affordable courier company that is capable of doing what needs to be done with time to spare. At Redline Courier Service, it is our goal to not just meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Our customer service staff our professional and courteous. Call our office today at 866-427-4258 to find out what delivery options we have as well as our rates. Hire us and we will make sure you never go to another courier company again.

The Benefits of Choosing Redline Courier Service

When it comes to messenger services, Redline is the best in the business. We offer state of the art routing and tracking, which means you can check where your package is whenever you feel the need. We also offer delivery confirmation in the form of a text, email or phone call. At Redline Courier Services, we use state of the art technology to help us plan each of our routes. This means our routes are shorter, more precise and more secure.

At Redline, we have a variety of different styles and types of courier vehicles. From refrigerated vehicles to flat bed semis, we have a vehicle that can accommodate your needs. Each driver is trained to handle every aspect of his vehicle, so that your package is secure from the time we receive it until the time it is delivered safely to your door. Once your package has been delivered you will be notified in the manner in which you indicated.

Our Delivery Options

At Redline Courier Services we offer 24 hour delivery, two to three day delivery or immediate delivery. When you call and 866-427-4258 and talk to one of our professional customer service reps, ask about our delivery options. We will make sure to pair you with the right option at an affordable price. We offer:

  • Standard – Our Standard Economy delivery will also deliver same day as long as it is received prior to 10:30 a.m. We will pick up the package within an hour of the order being placed and deliver it by 6 p.m.
  • Regular – Regular deliveries are guaranteed same day as long as the package is picked up before 3 p.m. Deliveries picked up after 3 p.m. will be delivered first thing the following morning. This option guarantees delivery within a 3 to 5 hour window.
  • Express – A courier will be at your location to receive the package within 20 minutes of your phone call. With Express deliveries, your package is delivered immediately after it has been picked up.

All of our delivery options are guaranteed and we ensure that your package will be delivered in the same condition as it was received. Each driver is licensed and insured and many are certified in dealing with specific types of deliveries, including medical and legal packages. If it is needed, our courier service also offers top tier service to all local airports such as the Riverside Municipal Airport in order to shorten all delivery times.

We Deliver It All

We will delivery any type of item. We have vehicles that are equipped to handle almost any type of material. Our drivers are highly trained and understand the importance of making sure each delivery is treated with the utmost confidentiality and all protocols are followed. At Redline Courier Services, we can handle all types of deliveries, including but not limited to:

Whatever item you have to ship, call our knowledgeable staff and find out what plans we have available that will work for your particular situation. Contact our office and find out how we can help you reach your goals.

Professionally Licensed

Our drivers and staff members are fully licensed and insured. We take pride in being as professional as possible in every type of situation. We also have drivers and crew members on our staff who are specially licensed to handle specific types of deliveries. Our drivers go through several hours of training and are regularly evaluated as part of our commitment to excellence. Each of our drivers must be dedicated to providing the fastest most efficient deliveries possible.

Exceptional Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service that they will have a hard time finding with other companies. When you call our office, the customer service rep who answers your call will begin mapping the route needed to deliver your item immediately. We understand time is of the essence. Each route is based on time, safety and the type of item being transported. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your item is delivered on time.

Call Redline Courier Services today at 866-427-4258 and let us make your day easier! Deliveries are our business and we are the best at what we do. If you want guaranteed satisfaction, call our office today and find out what type of delivery option will work best for you.

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